Preparing for an exam like NPLEX can be physically and emotionally demanding. In approaching NPLEX, you should consider all of the health factors that could hinder your performance. Avoid having so much caffeine that you can’t sleep. Avoid habits that for yourself have historically caused problems. Avoid habits that could decrease optimal brain function, such as alcohol.


You should also think about incorporating health habits that may optimize your performance. Consider being especially vigilant about your health during your study period. The basics of good health during studying are: eat well, sleep well, exercise, and take breaks. Eating well means incorporating a healthy diet, including healthy fats. Sleeping well is important to help consolidate information you’ve learned during the day and to decrease fatigue. We recommend a set schedule. Go to bed at the same time everyday and wake up at the same time everyday. A sleep routine is golden. Exercise has been scientifically shown to improve mental performance and it will help keep you physically fit during the studying marathon. Finally, taking breaks is crucial to improving retention and consolidation. It will help with your endurance as well. Take a break at least every hour and take full day breaks during the week as well.


Supplementing is the another way to optimize your studying and test performance. We do not recommend specific products and any information here is not intended to replace the services of a healthcare practitioner. In general, some of the ingredients that may be helpful are fish oil, gingko, and bacopa. Depending on your endurance and stress levels, other things you may want to look into include B-vitamins and herbal adrenal support (withania and rhodiola, for example). We recommend seeing a licensed healthcare practitioner if you are seeking specific recommendations.

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Take Breaks