NPLEX Pass Rate – How Many People Fail NPLEX?

NPLEX Pass Rate

The NPLEX pass rate is a touchy subject. It can sometimes be as low as 80%. That means that the NPLEX fail rates are as high as 20%. It changes year to year. Because of the process that takes place behind closed doors, there is no specific number of questions that need to be answered correctly. It changes.

Every year, NABNE will go through a process of deciding which questions stay and which questions get thrown out. They also will set cut scores for each NPLEX exam based on the various sections to determine what is required for a pass on NPLEX.

Although we can't know for sure exactly how many questions you need to answer correctly, we can tell you that many NPLEX questions often get thrown out, or are found to have multiple correct answers. This means that you shouldn't feel bad when you see odd questions or questions you don't know the answer to. Chances are, if you've prepared properly, then everyone else is in the same boat and the questions are likely to get modified or thrown out.

Don't be scared, check out our resources section to help prepare yourself!

-The Pass NPLEX Team